We will make characteristic solutions for every request from our customers.
We have set out standard service flow for every customer. Firstly, for the demands from customer, we will do market research and evaluate related market products, and then select the proper reference; Secondly, we will determine the direction of developing through the analysis of the market trends. In order to provide the total solutions for customer, we strive to improve products by Communicating with customers continuously. If the customer is satisfied with the final results, we will guarantee the uniqueness and quality of flavor.
Moreover, we analyze the trends from the market of domestic and oversea at regular intervals, and we will compound the popular aroma for customer's reference.
We are looking forward to your cooperation.

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85 Jiangtian Rd.(East),
Songjiang Industrial Zone,
Shanghai 201613,China
Tel: 86-21-67742188
Fax: 86-21-67741018

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